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Our Story

When we started ETC, the fitness industry was booming but not necessarily for the right reasons. Gyms seemed to be more interested in Instagram, perfect lighting, perfectly placed protein shakes and posing - and we didn’t like it. We found that members were either queuing for equipment and being grunted at by a man in a string vest or being crushed into the corner of the ‘female only section’. I don’t know about you, but we don’t think any of our members should take second place. People joined, got bored or intimidated, left and never went back. They are just another number. There was only one thing to do; completely reinvent what people thought fitness was about and turn the business model on it’s head. We are the Empowerment Training Centre.

Our Approach

Built on a foundation of coaching, education and personal training, we created the most inspiring, friendly, member focussed, results-based gym experience. Our inclusive, client-centric model bridges the gap between results and experience. While that may sound simple, it required an unshakeable vision and passion for change. You need scientifically proven methods, you need world-class training and above all, you need a Tribe of people that have your back.

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