Motivation- how can ETC help you deal with its disappearance

Motivation is a wonderful thing, when it’s there you feel like you can achieve everything you set out to do. You will smash that gym session, you will eat the right foods, hit your protein target, hit your calorie target etc etc… 

It is a fantastic tool that you can use to your advantage, it’s what pushes people to make changes, like signing up to a gym, hiring a PT or attending your first exercise class.

We often see people coming through our doors with this motivation to make a change.

Sometimes it has come from a sudden realisation that change needs to happen, others because they recognise that exercise has a positive influence on how they feel, and some because they have seen the progress of others in our Tribe and want in on that. 

When you are feeling that motivation, that’s the time to double down, really try to dial in your training or goals, use it to push you further.

BUT what happens when motivation suddenly disappears?

Motivation, like other emotional states, can ebb and flow like the tide. I’m sure we have all felt this in our lives, training or work. We wake up feeling ready to attack the day, we’re getting ready to go to the gym and then suddenly, POOF, you’re sitting on your sofa with no energy, scrolling mindlessly through social media apps, and the thought of getting to the car, let alone going to the gym feels like an effort…

Top tips for giving your motivation a boost

At ETC, we haven’t found a magic pill, but we have found a few things that help our Tribe members when motivation is low: 

Our coaches–  with 20+ years of experience between them, our professional coaches are on hand to offer support and guidance when needed, and will help to keep you on track with your goals. 

Our members– we call them our Tribe. We are a collection of people, all from different walks of life united in a common goal of becoming happier, healthier, harder to kill humans!

Our ethos– we pride ourselves on our approach to how ETC runs, and how we want to be seen as a training facility. We want to be known as the friendliest place to train in Northampton, but also across the UK. 

Our facilities and provisions– we pride ourselves in having a well equipped, immaculately kept facility. We have everything in our gym to ensure you have the best session possible from the minute you walk in the door. 

How do these things help with motivation?

Well, imagine yourself in the situation of having low motivation as a member, you reach out to your coach, or the Tribe, and before you know it you’re being offered a lift to the gym, a pod partner, a phone call from your coach to talk and people in similar situations offering support and advice. 

Even if you still don’t have motivation after that, what you do have is hundreds of people all behind you to help keep you going, keep you dedicated to your goals and to pick you up when you stumble.

Here’s the thing, motivation can come and go, but having unwavering support from all around, a dedicated Tribe, who are all here to help you stay dedicated to a goal simply has NO comparison.

Dedication over motivation, and if all else fails we have great beer and amazing cakes! 

– Coach Ali 

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