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A structured and balanced, long-term approach that gets results

At ETC, members never find themselves free-wheeling without instruction or purpose. We believe that following carefully planned programmes with continual direction and support from an expert coach is the only way to achieve real results. With our guidance, we’ll choose the right membership for you and build a balanced programme of group training classes.

ETC Core

Our Core programme is the foundation of everything we do. It’s built around full-body resistance training and bodyweight movements. Typically, you’ll do three different classes a week. That’s by far enough stimulation to yield fantastic results, but if you’re looking to develop a specific area, check out our range of supplementary speciality classes below.

Speciality classes

ETC Fundamentals

This is our low-volume, weightlifting-based class where we strip things back and educate you on the fundamental movements. It’s for all new members and anyone who needs a refresher or recovery session.

ETC Build

This 45-minute class offers the perfect mixture of heavy weights and volume. The game plan here is to get lean, build muscle, and change the shape of your body. It focuses on two or three body parts, and it’s guaranteed to leave you feeling sore.

ETC Stretch

This class focuses on mobility, flexibility and core control. By aiding recovery from your more intense sessions and by helping to reduce joint tension or muscular aches and pains, a good stretching regime is the basis of any fitness programme.

ETC Unbreakable

If you want a serious challenge, this ‘90% intensity’ class is for you. It’s hard, tough, heavy and, well, you get the idea. Your coach will know if you’re up to it. We hold one class every week.

ETC Weightlifting

This focused class is designed around Olympic weightlifting and includes very little cardio. You’ll be honing your lifts and technique, learning new skills, and getting strong.

Our membership tiers

We offer three membership tiers to accommodate different needs and budgets. Following your 30-day Trial, we’ll recommend the most beneficial one for your individual goals.

Core 8

This is our basic membership tier, and you get credits for eight core training sessions a month (two a week). Speciality classes are available at an extra cost.

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Core 12

This is what we call our ‘full membership’ tier. You get credits for twelve core training sessions a month (three a week), and you have the option to swap one for a speciality class.

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ETC Unlimited

Go max with our Unlimited membership. As well as your credits for twelve core training sessions every month, you get you access to as many speciality classes as you like.

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