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It’s a vital part of the process

Everyone starts their ETC journey with our 30-day Trial. It’s your chance to see if we’re right for you, and our chance to monitor your fitness and figure out your correct membership level.

You won’t get tied in

You just pay £149 for the month, and that’s it – taking out membership afterwards is your choice. But we think the results you’ll have seen and felt already will spur you on to joining our happy Tribe.

What you get for £99

Full Onboarding Process

We'll put you on the right path. You'll meet the coaching team, have a coffee, then we'll assess your abilities and goals so that you can maximise your time with us.

Your Personal Coach

We'll leave no stone unturned as we get you set up and comfortable in our facility. You'll be assigned your own expert coach who is there to support you and keep you accountability throughout your journey.

A Fully Coached Experience

All of our sessions are coached by professionals get results without feeling confused and overwhelmed. We don't have any mirrors or 'spot lights' in our facility - our coaches are your eyes.

Unlimited Speciality Classes

This is not a one-size-fits all system, instead you'll be coached through scientifically-proven 'speciality' training programs that have been specifically designed to help you reach your fat loss, strength or muscle building goals.

Measure As You Go

Access to our Fitness App, where you can log your workouts, speak with the coaching team and monitor your progress. Your dedicated personal coach will keep you accountable and help you build habits to become the best version of yourself.

Expert Nutrition Support

Nutrition guidance that is individualised to you - we use a flexible approach so you can build a stronger, leaner, more defined body without having to go on a restrictive "diet" and only eat chicken and broccoli from a Tupperware box. You'll get exclusive access to our Nutrition Course, recipes, meal plans, e-books and of course, your own professional.

A Real Belonging - Welcome To The Club

We are so much more than just a gym. Regular social events, meet ups, seminars and adventures allow you to live a happier, healthier life and making life long friends in the process.

Body Composition Analysis

We use state-of-the-art technology to take some key measurements, this is so we can see where you're at, plan your training and nutrition program and keep on track of your physical progress.

The ETC Four Step Proven Process


Use the short form on the next page to put in your details, let us know what you want.


One of the team will be in touch for a quick chat to answer your questions and book in your initial evaluation at the gym, where you'll meet the team and have your body measurements taken.


We’ll welcome you to ETC, make you feel at home and give you some basic tests and exercises to judge your current fitness level. You'll have a laugh and get a sweat on.


Now you’re set. You'll have your dedicated coach assigned to you, and we'll have your back you all the way, and it won’t be long before you’ll see real results and begin to feel great about yourself. We guarantee it.

Keep reading to find out more about why signing up for our 30-day Trial could be the positive turning point in your life.


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